1.3m Polydrop fencing poles


Polydrop fencing poles for livestock, game and electric fence.

  • Convert existing wire fence into an electric fence in 4 steps.
  • Use polydrop instead of wooden or metal poles.

Price quoted per dropper VAT inclusive.

Polydrop is also available in other popular lengths on demand. 

Price per meter R15.25 inc VAT 


Polydrop poles are made from recycled chemical drums that cannot be otherwise disposed of or recycled safely.

Those drums are designed for highly corrosive or potent chemicals hence pause a recycling challenge once used. They are virtually “undestructible”.

Polydrop are available in a standard length of 1.3m off the shelf.

Other popular lengths available on request:

  • 1.2 meters for sheep fencing
  • 1.4 meters for cattle fencing
  • 2 meters for kudu or game fencing

Special orders can be requested for different lengths.

Convert existing fence into an electric fence or use the polydrop instead of metal or wooden poles on a new fence.

Additional information

Dimensions 1 cm