Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard of ozone regarding the atmosphere. Ozone is naturally formed high above the earth and helps to protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

You may sometimes see ozone referred to as O3. This is because it contains three oxygen molecules. It can also be referred to as Activated Oxygen.

So why is ozone being added to olive oil?

Ozone can react with other molecules very quickly and break them down. This makes it an excellent disinfectant because it can destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast.

There are a lot of health claims surrounding ozonated olive oil, and many of them have not been well-studied. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – but it does mean you should proceed with caution before using it.

Ozonated olive oil is an excellent treatment for wounds. It was first used in World War I to treat German soldiers with gangrene.

This oil can destroy any bacteria inside the wound. It can also stimulate your body to produce collagen, a protein that is important for skin growth and repair.

Ozonated olive oil also stimulates the creation of fibroblasts. These are cells that, along with collagen, help speed up wound repair.

This special oil has not been well studied for use in burns, but many people report that it works exceptionally well.

It can also be used on sunburns to relieve itching, burning, and inflammation. People notice that it shortens the amount of time it takes for their sunburn to disappear.

Ozonated olive oil has even been used for razor burns, and seems to speed up healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

Ozonated olive oil is a very effective treatment for many types of yeast infections. It has been well-studied and proven to work almost as well as medications!

For women with vaginal yeast infections, ozonated olive oil significantly reduced itching and discharge. That being said, it was not as effective as medication in reducing burning sensations.

Ozonated olive oil can also be used to treat thrush and many other infections caused by candida, a common yeast.

What I love the most about ozonated oils is that they offer near medical grade wound healing capabilities while also being totally non-toxic. This is especially important when it comes to pets because they are prone to licking their wounds (and eating whatever treatment you put on). One day, our family cat wandered into the house with a nasty gash in her leg. We cleaned the wound and treated it with a healthy dose of ozonated olive oil. The very next day, the gash was completely closed with only a light scab! I simply can’t recommend ozonated oils enough as an all-around pet salve.

There is strong anecdotal evidence supporting the use of ozonated olive oil for hemorrhoids. Many people say it is the most effective treatment available.

Ozonated olive oil can also be used to greatly improve or cure anal fissures.