About Vlakenberg

Vlakenberg is a family run farm in the Western Cape. With our own olive plantation on our doorstep we can manage the production of our olive range of products from beginning to end. Everything we use from the raw material to machines are all local and manufactured in South Africa. 


Droughtmaster Cattle

The Droughtmaster is a tropical breed of beef cattle developed in North Queensland, Australia by several cattlemen from crossing Brahman and British breed cattle, principally the Beef Shorthorn during the early 1900s. Wikipedia

Vlakenberg was one of the first south african farm to import embryos and breed the droughtmaster. 

Polydrop fencing

Chemical drums are made for highly potent chemicals, are UV resistant, and virtually “industructable”. Used drums pose a huge challenge as they cannot be disposed of or recycled safely. 

Vlakenberg patented the design of the Polydrop poles in 1995. Drums are being recycled into livestock, game and electric fencing poles. 

Vlak en Berg Droughtmasters

Ozonated Olive Oil

Vlak en Berg Droughtmasters

Polydrop Plastic Fencing