Bent-tap/ Knak-Kran


Industrial water saving tap.

Put attachment on a hose pipe or existing open standard tap.

The water will only flow when the bent-tap is bent.

The simple design with only one moving part is the secret to the robustness of this industrial tap.

This product carries a 3 years guarantee.



Water saving industrial use tap.

With only one moving part inside a rubber hose, this tap is guaranteed for 3 years.

Attached to the hose or existing water tap, water will flow only when the tap is bent and will stop when the tap returns to its original shape.

No more unattended running taps, or need to go to the main to open the tap.

Leave the bent-tap on the hose and just bend it to spray as needed.

How it works:

Just bend the tap (the black rubber) and the tap will open. The tap automatically closes when it is released

Where is it used:

Used in dairies, factories, wine cellars, liveries, on construction sites, wash bays, fire hose systems and even on public taps or as a household attachment for the hosepipe or tap.