Using ozonated oils with pets

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One of the most exciting potential uses for ozonated oils, especially ozonated olive oil, is with pets. In our own experience, we’ve used some of the oils in the following ways:

Ozonated oil helped heal a bad case of dermatitis on our webmaster’s cat’s back, while ozonated olive oil healed a spot where the cat had scratched several wounds into her skin.

Ozonated olive oil healed a one inch cut on her dog’s head after he got excited and ran into a tree.

Ozonated oil healed a rash on an employee’s small dog and keeps him from itching without cortisone shots.

Some veterinary practices are using ozonated olive oil for hot spots, skin wounds, dermatitis, abscesses, gingivitis, ringworm and more. We even sell it to a zoo where it is used with an older gorilla for skin problems.

A major advantage to ozonated oils for pets is that they are non-toxic and do not have a long list of side effects. If the animal licks the oil, you won’t have to worry about rushing him to the vet. Ozonated oil made with organic oils and no preservatives or stabilizers is one of the most natural options available.

Because animals are different, with different allergies and skin types, you’ll want to consider your pet’s individual needs before use (and talk to your vet about whether ozonated oils are right for the situation if you have questions). Animals with sensitive skin may do better with ozonated oil. Ozonated olive oil is often preferred for normal skin. Ozonated hemp oil is sometimes used, but keep in mind that it is very strong. You’ll want to watch your pet’s reaction to make sure the oil is the right fit for her skin type.

If you want to find out which oil best suits your purposes, you can always try a sample before you decide.