Benefits Of Ozonated Olive Oil

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Ozonated Oil

You may have heard of ozone regarding the atmosphere. Ozone is naturally formed high above the earth and helps to protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun.

You may sometimes see ozone referred to as O3. This is because it contains three oxygen molecules. It can also be referred to as Activated Oxygen.

So why is ozone being added to olive oil?

Ozone can react with other molecules very quickly and break them down. This makes it an excellent disinfectant because it can destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast.

There are a lot of health claims surrounding ozonated olive oil, and many of them have not been well-studied. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – but it does mean you should proceed with caution before using it.

So what is ozonated olive oil good for?